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English for Technical Purposes

Module name (EN): English for Technical Purposes
Degree programme: Electrical Engineering, Master, ASPO 01.10.2005
Module code: E810
Hours per semester week / Teaching method: 2V (2 hours per week)
ECTS credits: 2
Semester: 8
Mandatory course: no
Language of instruction:
120-minute written exam

[updated 12.03.2010]
Applicability / Curricular relevance:
E810 Electrical Engineering, Master, ASPO 01.10.2005, semester 8, optional course
30 class hours (= 22.5 clock hours) over a 15-week period.
The total student study time is 60 hours (equivalent to 2 ECTS credits).
There are therefore 37.5 hours available for class preparation and follow-up work and exam preparation.
Recommended prerequisites (modules):
Recommended as prerequisite for:
Module coordinator:
Prof. Dr. Christine Sick
Marina Hefti, M.A.

[updated 12.03.2010]
Learning outcomes:
Students must demonstrate a good command of English for technical purposes at the B2 level of the Common European Framework. In this course students will extend their existing skills by broadening their vocabulary and their knowledge of phrases and expressions, and by learning advanced sentence structures that will enable them to understand, discuss and present technical subjects in English. They will also acquire the fundamental techniques that will allow them to comprehend, summarize and present complex scientific materials in their subsequent project work. As this is a preparatory and not an accompanying course it is not possible at this early stage to link directly to the student projects that will later form part of the M.Sc. programme.

[updated 12.03.2010]
Module content:
I. Basics (mathematical formulae, tools, materials, etc.)
II. Introductory technical texts
III. Intermediate technical texts, audio and video materials from the specialist  
IV. Presentations on technical subjects
V. Grammar revision (as necessary)

[updated 12.03.2010]
Teaching methods/Media:
A selection of language teaching and learning materials appropriate to the target group (print, visual aids, audio, video and software)

[updated 12.03.2010]
Recommended or required reading:
A list of recommended reading materials will be distributed. Students are strongly encouraged to read English journals and technical literature and to visit appropriate English-language websites.

[updated 12.03.2010]
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