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Fundamental Elements of Plant Construction

Module name (EN): Fundamental Elements of Plant Construction
Degree programme: Mechanical and Process Engineering, Bachelor, ASPO 01.10.2019
Module code: MAB_19_V_3.10.GEA
SAP-Submodule-No.: P241-0252
Hours per semester week / Teaching method: 3V+1U (4 hours per week)
ECTS credits: 5
Semester: 3
Mandatory course: yes
Language of instruction:
Written exam 120 min.

[updated 05.11.2020]
Applicability / Curricular relevance:
MAB_19_V_3.10.GEA (P241-0252) Mechanical and Process Engineering, Bachelor, ASPO 01.10.2019, semester 3, mandatory course, Specialization Process Engineering
60 class hours (= 45 clock hours) over a 15-week period.
The total student study time is 150 hours (equivalent to 5 ECTS credits).
There are therefore 105 hours available for class preparation and follow-up work and exam preparation.
Recommended prerequisites (modules):
Recommended as prerequisite for:

[updated 02.03.2020]
Module coordinator:
Prof. Dr. Bernd Heidemann
Daniel Kelkel, M.Sc.

[updated 03.03.2020]
Learning outcomes:
After successfully completing this module, students will be familiar with basic design elements and will be able to use them to design simple process engineering constructions.

[updated 05.11.2020]
Module content:
Methodical approach to plant development: Develop a list of requirements, carry out a system analysis and synthesis, develop a catalog of variants, apply evaluation procedures.
Overview of design elements:
Designing and dimensioning connections (bolts and screw connections, welded connections)
Designing and dimensioning lines (hose lines, pipelines, connecting elements)
Designing and dimensioning pressure vessels (cylindrical vessel, flat bottoms, domed arches)
Designing and dimensioning shut-off and control elements
Designing and dimensioning seals
Overview of plant safety in accordance with the Machinery Directive

[updated 05.11.2020]
Recommended or required reading:
Roloff, Matek: Maschinenelemente, Springer Vieweg Verlag
Haberhauer: Maschinenelemente, Springer-Verlag
Decker: Maschinenelemente, Hanser Verlag
Böge: Handbuch Maschinenbau, Springer-Verlag
Klapp: Festigkeit im Apparate- und Anlagenbau
Bernecker: Planung und Bau verfahrenstechnischer Anlagen, Springer-Verlag

[updated 05.11.2020]
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