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Distribution Logistics

Module name (EN): Distribution Logistics
Degree programme: Applied Informatics, Master, ASPO 01.10.2011
Module code: PIM-WN50
Hours per semester week / Teaching method: 2V (2 hours per week)
ECTS credits: 3
Semester: 2
Mandatory course: no
Language of instruction:
Written examination: (50 %) + problem-solving exercises: (50 %)
Curricular relevance:
KI847 Computer Science and Communication Systems, Master, ASPO 01.04.2016, semester 2, optional course, informatics specific
MST.DLO Mechatronics and Sensor Technology, Master, ASPO 01.04.2016, optional course, non-technical, course inactive since 13.10.2015
PIM-WN50 Applied Informatics, Master, ASPO 01.10.2011, semester 2, optional course, not informatics specific
MST.DLO Mechatronics and Sensor Technology, Master, ASPO 01.10.2011, optional course, non-technical, course inactive since 13.10.2015
30 class hours (= 22.5 clock hours) over a 15-week period.
The total student study time is 90 hours (equivalent to 3 ECTS credits).
There are therefore 67.5 hours available for class preparation and follow-up work and exam preparation.
Recommended prerequisites (modules):
Recommended as prerequisite for:
Module coordinator:
Prof. Dr. Klaus-Jürgen Schmidt
P. Zeilinger

[updated 19.07.2007]
Learning outcomes:
After completing this module students will understand the objectives, tasks and methods of logistics systems and their use in the distribution of end products and spare parts. They will be able to systematically assess the structure and economic feasibility of current logistics systems and will be in a position to develop new concepts and solutions for industrial and commercial applications.
During this module students will work in small teams to develop concepts for solving typical small self-contained logistics problems and will then present their results to decision makers.

[updated 08.05.2008]
Module content:
1        Distribution logistics and full-service logistics
1.1        Company logistics
1.2        Objectives and tasks of distribution logistics
1.3        Practical goal and task systems in logistics for the automotive industry
2        Core processes and distribution logistics
2.1        Planning and control processes
2.2        Inbound processes and structures
2.3        Warehouse processes and structures
2.4        Outbound processes and structures
2.5        Projects to design core processes
3        Distribution logistics systems
3.1        System design concepts
3.2        Practical IT systems
3.3        Projects to design IT processes
4        Designing distribution infrastructures
4.1        Example projects from industry
4.2        Student projects

[updated 08.05.2008]
Recommended or required reading:
HOPPE, Niklas; CONZEN, Friedrich: Europäische Distributionsnetzwerke, Wiesbaden 2002
SCHMIDT, K.-J.: Logistik, Wiesbaden 1996
ZEILINGER, Peter: Distributionslogistik, in: Logistik, hrsg. Von K.-J. Schmidt, Wiesbaden 1996

[updated 08.05.2008]
Module offered in:
WS 2016/17, SS 2016, WS 2015/16, SS 2015, SS 2014, ...
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